Announce Engagement on social media like instagram

Engagement on social media like instagram.

Getting engaged is a big deal, and the first thing that might come to mind is how to tell your friends and family about the happy news. If your partner proposed while on vacation, you should tell your close friends and family in person or at least over FaceTime (they’ll be waiting for your call!).

Once you’re done with the VIPs, you can move on to the rest of the people. What is the best way to keep your social network up to date? Of course, Instagram.

Tatiana Caicedo, co-owner of Proposal007, a service for planning proposals, says that the app is a much faster way to share this important news with extended family and friends because it lets you do it more clearly and visually.

There are more ways to make an Instagram announcement than just posting a picture with the ring and writing, “I said yes!” More and more couples are using Stories (and even Reels!) to make their fiancé debut. “Instead of texting each person individually, the couple just drops a hint on their Instagram Stories and waits for the friends to call,” she explains.

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Ready to tell everyone how happy you are about your Engagement? Here are some ideas for how to post this big event on your account.

Put up a picture of your ring that is only you.

This is a famous route, primarily if you use Instagram to share your best things all the time. To prepare for your wedding, take a selfie with your ring in the middle of the picture. Want to make your method more unique? Caicedo says to put your hand up in the air or next to a strong building or tree, walk hand-in-hand with your partner, or even put both hands on your passports if you get engaged while on holiday.

Write about the moment in Stories.

They went the extra mile and asked a friend or professional to photograph the “Will you marry me?” moment. Please share it! Give your fans a look at when your significant other gets down on one knee or the first kiss they share as husband and wife.

If you’d rather have an in-feed photo of your new favourite item, this is great content for Instagram Stories. You might want to post a few slides that show how you felt at the time (especially if you went from being neutral to shocked when you saw that knee drop!).

Put together a reel.

Tell your fans the good news with a short video clip, or get creative with an Instagram Reel. You have up to 90 seconds to fill your mini-movie with photos and videos from before, during, and after the proposal.

This is a popular trend right now: Caicedo says brides-to-be take pictures on the day before the big day to give a more complete story picture. (Friends or family should film the proposal and any critical times afterwards.) Of course, this method only works if you think something extraordinary is about to happen.

Want to keep this particular day a secret but still want to make a video? Cut together a short video of you saying, “We’re engaged!” Your friends will love it, and it will be fun to look back on in years to come.

Engagement on social media like instagram.

Put a hashtag to hide it.

Do you want to be more subtle? Make the people who follow you work to find out the big news. You can share a picture of the two of you, but anything that makes you smile and feels like love will do.

Put #WereEngaged or #SheSaidYes in your post. People also like to use the full name of the pair in the hashtag and add a “love story” at the end, says Caicedo. This way, you can still use the term after your wedding.

Have your dog help you

Because your pet is family, let him tell everyone. He can wear the ring around his neck or stand next to a cute sign that says “My parents are getting married” or “Future ring bearer.” You can also play with your dog in other fun ways: “It’s a good idea to make a collar tag with the engagement date or take a picture of the ring hand, groom, and pup paw,” states Caicedo.

Be proud of your new last name.

That’s how you should tell people you’ll change your name. Take a picture of yourself carrying a sign that says “The Future Mrs. James” (your new married name). Another choice? Take a great picture and tag it with #TheFutureMrsJames.

Draw attention to your partner.

Yes, you said yes to the person you love most. Why not make that person the centre of your announcement? Post your best picture of your loved one and write the big news under it. It could be a sweet picture of you on one knee with your future spouse, the first picture you ever took of her, or him looking dapper in a tux at someone else’s wedding.

Make an account just for your wedding.

Could there be a new trend on Instagram? Set up a different account just for your wedding trip. “I see our couples are making one where they post pictures from the proposal, engagement party, and for their wedding preparations,” states Caicedo.

“It’s a great way to keep everything in one place.” In most cases, this is a joint account that both people in the relationship can use to share happy news and updates.

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