Measure My Ring Size at Home

ring size at home

Absolutely Yes! You can measure your ring size at home with the help different tools and techniques. They will assist you to know the right size of ring at home. And you can also tell the size of your ring to everyone or you can also order new ring of that size. You need to try these tools at home to know the size at home.

There are many and famous tools and techniques are there but we will discuss some popular and accurate tool for rings size. The first one is to measure with ring sizer. It will give you the most accurate measurement of ring size and the other one is piece of paper or string. Many people use string and some people use paper both are good but the ring sizer is always perfect to measureing at home and you can also measure your finger for ring size

ring size at home

Measure ring size with string

Step 1 – Get a string or paper and Wrap around the bottom of your finger ring where you want to fit your ring. Analyze that how lose and fitted, you will want your ring to sit to get the most accurate measurement of your ring size. 

Step 2 – Take a pen and place a strong mark where the string overlaps each other so that you can measure out the distance between the Starting and the end mark point of the string. You may need the help of a friend for this step.

Step 3 – Lay out the string on a flat surface and use a ruler stick to measure the distance. We suggest doing this many times to confirm the exact size of the measurements, just to make sure you get the same measurements and this will be the size of your ring. The jewelers will use the size to make your ring. 


Measurement of ring size chart is very easy at home. you can also print ring size chart at home and know the different sizes at home.

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