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Welcome to Ring Chart guide, Yes Choosing the perfect ring size chart is an important step in the ring jewelry purchasing process. Without selecting the right size you can’t buy the ring, the wrong ring size can put you in really troubling situations. There are many ring size tools and tips to help you measure the correct ring size for your special someone.

Understanding Ring Sizes Chart

Ring sizes use everywhere and internationally. Try to understand the ring size from high to low one by one. The United States and Canada follow a numerical scale with half and quarter sizes and other sizes, while some other countries follow their on ring size scale. All jewelers in the world measure from the side edge of the ring or the center of the ring’s from inside.

Yes, Keep in mind the band material width can affect ring size, and stacking bands can also lead to a larger ring size. The more material there is, the tighter the ring is going to fit.

How To Check Ring Size Chart

True Ring size Charts are described in mm, cm and inches.it is very easy to use chart for measurement of your ring. The chart will give you perfect result and you can check size on chart at your home or any jeweler shop. You’ll need to perform only two steps for ring measurements

Step 1: Put your ring on the chart according to measurements and starts from higher to lower or lower to higher sizes or matching circle on the chart according to its ring inner edges. Which will be an excellent point for your ring to tell its size.

Step 2: For the second step, you’ll need to wrap the strip of paper with the chart around your finger. Find where the strip overlaps and mark the precise point.

Normal Ring Size For A Woman

The average ring size for women is between 5cm and 7cm. This is a normal female ring size which is 5 centimeter to 7 centimeter. Don’t forget to measure it twice for conformation.

RIng Size Chart Guide - ringshake.com

Ring Size For A Men

Normal ring size for a men is between 10cm to 12cm for men, A man can see its ring size form mens ring size chart.  But it’s always best to get an exact ring measurement size with fit ring edges before spending a lot of money.

Are Men And Women Ring Size Chart The Same?

Yes! Men and women ring sizes are the totally same. But a major differences is the width of the ring. Women love to prefer a smaller width ring then a shorter ring.

Children Ring Size Chart

Yes! Children Ring Size Chart are also special charts for children rings. The chart size start form 11mm to 18mm form a newborn baby to approx. 11year old. Child rings are also available in gold rings, diamond rings with different styles, designs and quality material.

International Ring Size Conversion Chart

The international ring size conversion chart is very useful for the residents of different country or different cities to buy jewelry from other resources like Market, shops or form online store. The international ring size conversion chart helps a person buy the fit size of ring for his finger without wasting time on size conversations. There is a different diamond millimeter conversion chart or you can say diamond size conversion chart. Every country has its own conversion chart like Indian ring size conversion, Indonesian ring size conversion.US to uk conversion chart and uk to us conversion chart.

Also there is a different size conversion also available on gender basis like mens and womens ring size conversion, mens ring size conversion to women,  women’s to men’s ring size conversion and also letter to number ring size conversion. These different charts help the jewelry lover to buy the perfect ring size for finger.

Ring Size chart guide - ringshake.com

Types Of Ring Size Chart

These Size Charts are used on every jewelry store globally. Every jewelry store feel proud to serve their customers by providing these charts facility. These Size Charts has 7 major types that given below

  1. Ring Size women chart
  2. Ring size men chart
  3. Children Ring size chart
  4. Ring size chart in cm (centimeter)
  5. Ring size chart in mm (millimeter)
  6. Ring size chart in inches
  7. Ring size Conversion Charts
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