Saving Engagement Ring in Best and Worst Places

Saving Engagement Ring

Even while it may be tempting to wear your diamond engagement ring round the clock, doing so carries some danger. Several factors, including hard surfaces, chlorine, and household chemicals, may corrode the stone or loosen the metal, allowing the rock to slip out.

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Put your ring away temporarily when you clean dishes, exercise, play sports, swim, use hairspray, put moisturiser on and even fall asleep (experts believe that the pressure of your body on your hand reshapes your ring over time, which could loosen the stone). But what should you do with your ring after you take it off? These are our top recommendations for safe storage locations, along with the worst ones.

The Greatest Locations to Store Your Ring

A Personal Fabric Pouch

Although they are considered to be resilient, diamonds are not unbreakable. To prevent the diamond from being damaged, the pouch’s material should be as soft as a feather; cotton, silk, or velvet are excellent options. Additionally, a separate bag is essential because your stone may get damaged if it comes into contact with other rings or jewelry.

A Jewelry Case Lined With Fabric

Extra credit if it accommodates a distinct section for your ring—another way to prevent scratches from other jewelry. Consider your diamond to be a diva!

The Original Box Of Jewelry

When he proposed, did you save the box your ring came in that you first saw? Why not utilize it if it fits your ring perfectly?

A Drawer for the Kitchen

If your jewelry case on your bedroom dresser your permanent secure location isn’t practical for tasks like kneading dough or cleaning pots, then think of this as a temporary home.

A Memory Place

Placing your ring in such a remote location that you can’t even recall where it is will not benefit you.

Saving Engagement Ring

Worst Places to Leave Your Ring

The Gym Locker

People can break your lock’s code, even if you don’t think they can. It’s also bad to forget to close your locker, leaving it open for anyone who walks by who isn’t honest. If you’re going to the gym, don’t wear your ring.

On The Sink In The Kitchens

It’s funny how big open drains can get little rings to jump down into them and never be seen again.

It’s On A Windowsill.

It could break your rock or make the points loose if it falls off and bounces.

Store In A Tissue.

Because people throw away tissues.

In Your Pocket.

It’s possible to forget the ring is in there, have it fall out when you take out your phone, or even wash it in the machine!

A Wooden Box Without A Liner.

“That hurts!” we can hear your ring moan. Instead, think soft.

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